17 Photos Of Dogs Before-And-After They Were Called A ‘Good Dog’

How do you make a dog smile? With every single dog being unique, having individual personalities, it can be a tricky question to answer. Some tried-and-tested tricks include a nice, stinky chew or a soft, cosy bed — but for most dogs, it’s the simple things that work best.

Just say “who’s a good boy?!” and watch the reaction.

Recently a Reddit user by the name ‘JavaReallySucks’ shared a sweet pic titled “dog before and after being called a good boy,” and the response was instantaneous. Since then, other pet owners jumped on board with images of their own, and the results are simply a must-see, so scroll down below and enjoy!

#1 – Before VS After being called a good girl


#2 – A second after I called her the best girl


#3 – Right after I called him the best boy

#4 – I’m a what… Say it again, please say it again.

#5 – Before And After Being Called A Good Boy

#6 – “Can it wait, Frank? I’m watching 60 Minutes right now. They’re doing a really fascinating interview with Spuds MacKenzie and… yes! I am a good boy! Okay, I guess I can just DVR the rest of this.”

#7 – “Get out of my room! I wish I was never adopted! Wait, what did you just say to me? Did you just call me a… a good boy? Okay… Well, I guess I actually love you after all.”

#8 – “Why so serious today, big guy?”

#9 – The best boi!

#10 – His perk up when he hears had good he is!

#11 – He’s the best boy!

#12 – I’M A WHAT?!?!?

#13 – Notice the side-eye once I called him the best boy

#14 – “Before And After Being Called A Good Boy :)”

#15 – This girl just found out how good she is…

#16 – “Who’s a good girl?”

#17 – “Good girl!” 🙂

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