24 Pics Of Beautiful Unique Dogs With Vitiligo That Will Melt Your Heart

Vitiligo is a pigmentation abnormality — and unless you’ve met someone, dog, or human, with this condition, chances are you’ve never heard of it before. Although scientists aren’t sure what exactly causes vitiligo, they believe it may be hereditary.

Vitiligo occurs when something in the dog’s system impacts melanin-producing cells. Melanin is the pigment that gives skin, fur, eyes, and other body parts their natural color. When melanin-producing cells are destroyed, the pigment color literally fades away, hence the white patches on dogs with vitiligo.

The main symptom of vitiligo is pigment loss in skin and fur. In some dogs, their entire body will be depigmented.  All of these symptoms are purely cosmetic; although it has a striking visual impact, vitiligo is completely painless. Woof Woof has compiled a list with the most jaw-dropping cases of Vitiligo and it will melt your heart, so scroll down and enjoy!


#1 – “Rottweiler with vitiligo came in because owners were concerned she was going white. I think she’s beautiful!”


#2 – Meet, white-eyed Rowdy


#3 – Looks like a wise old man

#4 – This is Bentley, a beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog with vitiligo that was all smiles and loved the attention!

Omi Furst

#5 – Blaze, the multicolored lab!

#6 – Met this black labrador with vitiligo today 😭❤️

Michelle Oosterlee



#8 – I am pig or I am dog?

Tim Brault




Emily Murphy














#18 – Reverse spotty boi

Pam Rice

#19 – Met this sweet little boy today. His name is Coyote. Not sure if he’s a panda, fox, or pupper.

Jordan Fitzpatrick

#20 – “Best dog I have ever seen”

Regina Phalange




#23 – Saw this unique beautiful pooch in the delta sonic line 😩😍

Samantha Charlotte



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