24 Times Corgis Mixed With Other Breeds, And Ended Up Looking Like A Corgi Disguised As The Other Dog


Corgi’s, a.k.a Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s are The Queen’s favourites and not without reason. A small dog with an erect posture, cat-like ears and a wiggly bottom, they have become an internet sensation. 

As if the Corgi couldn’t get any cuter, they go and mix with other cute dogs who together, creating lots of different Corgi mixed puppers, and this article is solely dedicated to these gorgeous guys. Now, we are not, nor would ever advocate a deliberate making of crossbreed dogs, due to the health complications that could arise. But sometimes pooches run off answering the call of nature and mixed breed dogs do happen.

So scroll down and find your favourite Corgi mixed breed! Just a regular reminder that a Corgi crossed with any other breed just ends up looking like a corgi disguised as the other dog.


#1 – Corgi + Golden Retriever

#2 – Corgi + Dalmatian


#3 – Corgi + Australian Shepherd

#4 – Corgi + Rottweiler

Corgi’s were originally bred in Wales to be herding dogs because they are independent, agile, tremendously fearless and very hardworking.

Their perfectly short height meant that when the cattle tried to kick back at them they were too short to be struck. And at the end of a hard day’s work he dedicated his remaining energy to his master and family, whom he would snuggle with ‘til sundown.

#5 – Corgi + Australian Shepherd

#6 – Corgi + Alaskan Malamute


Welsh Corgis are highly intelligent dogs, falling just short of the top 10 most intelligent dog breeds list. In addition, they have bright personalities and a playful demeanour that few dog-lovers can resist.

#7 – Corgi + St Bernard

#8 – Corgi + German Shepherd

#9 – Corgi + Akita Inu

#10 – Corgi + Greyhound

#11 – Corgi + Staffordshire Terrier

#12 – Corgi + Chow Chow

#13 – Corgi + Labrador

#14 – Corgi + German Shepherd

#15 – Corgi + Australian Shepherd

#16 – Corgi + Australian Cattle Dog


#17 – Corgi + Husky

#18 – Corgi + Golden Retriever

#19 – Corgi + Husky Mix

#20 – Corgi + Dalmatian

#21 – Corgi + Malamute

#22 – Corgi + Beagle

#23 – Corgi + German Shepherd

#24 – Corgi + Terrier Mix

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