Blind Rescue Dog Gets Eye Surgery And Sees Her Owner For The First Time

Sickness and disease are a part of life and unfortunately, many of us can attest to how difficult life can become having to live with one. Yet, as difficult as it can be for us humans, it can be equally as, if not even harder for animals, especially dogs.

The harsh reality is; the poorer the health of a pup, the greater mental, physical and financial burden on the owner; which is why many are left abandoned or forgotten in shelters and the streets.

Grab some tissues as this story might just make you tear up

Olive’s story was no different from many sick strays; alone and vulnerable the Cocker Spaniel was found roaming the streets of Los Angeles suffering from a serious cataracts issue that dramatically affected her sight.

Olive had an eye problem that caused blindness

Although easily treatable; Olive is believed to have been suffering from the condition for at least three years, leaving her walking around in almost complete darkness due to lack of medical attention.

The future only looked bleak for the pup with no home or help.

That is until Holly Emmerson and her husband Bart crossed paths with the pooch who they later named Olive (after the street they found her on).

After deciding to adopt Olive and bring her home, Holly and Bart finally got Olive the treatment that she needed. Reflecting on the first time Olive saw after her corrective surgery; the couple described it as, “Such an incredible moment to witness” and,” the cutest thing ever!”

Olive seeing her mom for the first-ever time!

Unfortunately, soon after her corrective surgery Olive, began to suffer from glaucoma; which ultimately led to her having both her eyes removed.

Despite all the trials and tribulations, Olive is still living her best life by the looks of things.

She is currently residing in Spain with Holly and Bart; and it seems the Emmerson’s are just as smitten with her as she is them, telling their YouTube following;

“We are grateful that she’s in our life as every day she brings so much joy and love into our home, it would not be the same without her”

A rollercoaster turn of events that still ended up happy

Olive got to experience the world and all its wonders live in flesh, even if it was just for a short period. She is still loved and living a happy life.

Watch the amazing video:

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