Clever Stray Dog Tracks Down Workplace Of Man Who Was Kind To Her

Mohd Ridhuan and his friends were strolling down a beach in Johor Bahru last month when they bumped into a small pack of stray dogs. The self-confessed animal lover knew they were all probably very hungry and approached them hoping to share some of his food.

With there being a very real chance of being chased by strays in Malaysia, Ridhuan admits to being surprised when they greeted him with wagging tails. The pups were clearly grateful for his generosity and from that moment on, Ridhuan made a point to visit the beach as much as he could.

They soon started recognizing him and would look forward to his visits, knowing he always came with plenty of food.


But one day when Ridhuan, didn’t show up. So one determined little pup decided to find him, all by herself!  Sally, a brown and white dog out of the pack, managed to track Ridhuan all the way down to the local convenience store he works at.

Quickly, she took a shine to the location and adopted the store as her new home, roaming around the area and spending as much time with Ridhuan as she can squeeze in.


But still, Sally struggles to watch Ridhuan leave for home after every shift.

“She always makes a sad face every time I go home… She’s clingy, cheerful, and protective.” Says Ridhuan, who isn’t a big fan of leaving Sally either, knowing that things can get dangerous especially at night.

Sadly, Ridhuan can’t adopt Sally himself, as his apartment doesn’t allow pets. But, he is currently in search of a safe and loving home for the sweet pup, using twitter to spread the word and document their relationship.


Unfortunately, his posts aren’t always well-received, having received a few nasty comments regarding poor Sally but Ridhuan chooses to look on the bright side and focus on the positives. As he should!


If you are interested in keeping up will Sallys’ journey or even in giving her a home make sure to follow Ridhuan on Twitter!

Sally’s story has left many people deeply touched


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