College Student Surprises Her Senior Dog After Turning Her Spare Closet Into A Bedroom

If you’re a dog parent, you would agree that nothing matters more than the happiness and comfort of your furbaby —  and at one point or another, you will eventually find yourself doing certain things that others might consider a little…extreme. Well, Betsy Redfern is no different from any of us. She loves her dog and has gone out of her way to make the pooch comfortable.

Redfern was in third grade when her chihuahua, named Cupid, came into her life. They were best friends for a wonderful 12 years, and not even leaving home for college was going to separate them.

When she moved away from home to go to school, Redfern naturally decided to bring Cupid along, too.

Image Credits: Betsy Redfern

When Redfern moved into her apartment, she realized there was an extra closet attached to her bedroom. Rather than use it as a boring old storage space,

Redfern transformed the spare closet into the perfect oasis for her pooch, for him to sleep and chill out in while Redfern attends class.

Image Credits: Betsy Redfern

The Cupid’s room features a small 4-post bed with cozy blankets, a rack for his clothes, a bucket of toys, a comfy rug, and a nameplate.

“He loves his room!” Redfern told The Dodo. “The bed was designed by my mom and she sewed everything herself.”

Cupid even has a pet of her own – Betsy’s 5-year-old turtle Caru, who shares the room with her. There’s a rack for all his dog clothes, too.

Image Credits: Betsy Redfern

While Cupid’s new room is just super sweet, it also serves a purpose, giving the senior dog a comfortable and quiet place to rest. This, in turn, gives his mom peace of mind, too

“Cupid’s room has been so great because I am able to put a baby gate up and keep him in there when I go to class so I know he is safe and cozy,” Betsy told Pop Sugar.

Betsy chose both the color palette and patterns to match her own bedroom.

Image Credits: Betsy Redfern

When the holiday season came along, and Betsy decorated her apartment she figured she’ll give Cupid’s room a festive touch as well.

She went to the nearest Target and picked up a miniature Christmas tree, along with all of its ornaments just so her precious dog could get a taste of the holidays.

Image Credits: Betsy Redfern

Being at college, it can sometimes be difficult to recreate a warm and homely environment for your dog that they are use to having back at home. But Redfern has found a way — starting a new tradition with her lovely pup.

Cupid is lucky to have such a caring owner, that would do anything possible to keep her safe and make her comfortable.

Image Credits: Betsy Redfern

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