Dog Is So Grateful To Be Rescued He Can’t Stop Hugging Every Human He Meets

A simple hug can mean so much. Sometimes it’s all you need and suddenly, all your troubles disappear. For Toro, it is an expression of the immense love and gratitude he feels after having been saved.

Toro wasn’t always the happy-go-lucky dog that he is today. Just a year ago, the sweet pup was living in dire conditions. He was found chained to a fence in an abandoned house. His rescuers believed that he had spent the entirety of his life living outside, so understandably when he finally arrived at Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter it was a big shock to the system.

Since October 2019, Toro has been available for adoption at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter.


“When he first came in, he was very nervous and shut down,” Melissa Fogarty, kennel and placement supervisor at the shelter, told The Dodo.

But what became clear as the weeks went on was that; buried beneath the fear and trauma was a dog with a lot of love to give.


Even though he was shy and cautious, it was also clear that he was a very kind, gentle-hearted pup.

He showed his rescuers exactly how much, by starting to give them hugs.


Despite battling his own insecurities, Toro was doing everything he could to ensure that his rescuers knew just how much he appreciated them.

They’ve treated him with so much care and kindness, his big heart just has to let it out.


Although Toro still struggles with his nerves, he has no problem showing his gratitude to those who made his new life possible.

“Every time he comes out of the kennel, his first reaction is to hug the person walking him, and anyone, really, he comes in contact with,” Fogarty said.


After that first hug, the rest just kept on coming. Now, Toro is constantly handing out hugs and he’s melting everyone’s hearts.

It’s clear that Toro just wants to make sure that everyone knows just how grateful he is to be free of his sad and miserable past and to finally have all the love and care he’s always dreamed about.


Toro was originally adopted in January, but, returned to the shelter within a couple of weeks, after it was decided that his new home wasn’t the right fit.

Thankfully, Toro took it all in his stride and refused to let the minor setback crush his spirits and is still giving hugs out to anyone willing to have them, as he remains hopeful for a new home.


Now, Toro is looking for his perfect forever family. It’s difficult to understand why a dog like Toro, with such a loving disposition, has still not found a home one year on. All he wants is to find a calm and steady home where he can feel loved and safe.

“I honestly think he hasn’t been adopted because he’s a middle-aged pit mix living in a high-intake municipal shelter. He gets lost in this sea of dogs,” Fogarty told The Dodo.


Nevertheless, we know when it comes to special dogs like Toro, it’s only a matter of time till he finds the loving forever home he truly deserves.

With all the attention he’s getting online, we’re sure that his future forever family is going to spot him soon. Hopefully he finds it sooner rather than later!

If you’re interested in adopting Toro, you can contact the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter for more information.

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