Heroic Police Officer Forced To Smash Window To Save Dying Dog From A Boiling Vehicle

The police are constantly warning people about the dangers of leaving their dogs in hot cars, yet many still refuse to listen.

A call was received by Wiltshire Police from a concerned member of the public who had seen a dog panting profusely inside a car. Officers were immediately dispatched to investigate after reports suggested the dog had been trapped for over 2 hours.

Image Credits: Charles Cross Police Team

Fearing for the life of the pooch, PC Martyn Powell was left with no option but to smash the window of the car to get to the dog. (The video can be found at the footer of this article.)

Image Credits: Wiltshire Police

The tiny animal made desperate attempts to escape before the officer managed to get hold of its lead — he is then lead out of the car to safety. After posting the image on Twitter, another local police force commented: “He was very happy to be set free!”

Image Credits: Charles Cross Police Team

An RSPCA inspector was also called to the scene where the dog had been kept in the heater car for over 2 hours. It wasn’t necessary at the time for the dog to be examined by a vet before a decision and the owners shortly appeared after.

Image Credits: Wiltshire Police

Police spoke with the owners on at the scene, who apologized for their actions, and they were given stern words of advice about animal welfare. The owners also agreed to pay a £50 donation to The Dog’s Trust, according to Wiltshire Police.

“We spoke to the owner, who was very remorseful and, as we had no other concerns about the dog, we agreed the best course of action was a community resolution in the form of a charity donation.”, PC Powell told the media.

Image Credits: Wiltshire Police

Dog’s Trust has made several campaigns to raise awareness about the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars. The charity has advised people that see a dog in a hot car to call the police. They said that dogs could die in as quickly as 20 minutes if left unattended in a hot vehicle and that winding down the window ‘is simply not enough to help your dog’.

Image Credits: Dogs Trust

If you love your furry friends, please THINK before leaving them in a hot vehicle.

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This summer we are reminding dog owners to be careful about leaving their pets in cars on hot days.

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Posted by Wiltshire Police on Wednesday, 12 June 2019