Kind Man Takes The Shirt Off His Back And Gives It To A Cold Stray Dog

A little bit of kindness can go a long way, sometimes it’s the small things that make the biggest difference. 

When Felipe Gabriel bumped into a freezing cold stray in the subway of São Paulo, Brazil he never would have thought that a seemingly small gesture, would have people from all over the world applauding his generous nature.

It was the coldest day of the year, and everyone including Felipe and his brother Fernando knew about it. The two were about to ride the subway when Felipe went to go and purchase a ticket.

It was at the ticket office that he spotted a very cold stranger sat by the window.

It was a small dog, who was very obviously struggling under the harsh weather.

Fernando watched as his brother bent over to pet the poor pooch but was confused as he then began to undress in the blistering cold.

Unsure of his brother’s next move Fernando began to film,

‘’He took off his jacket, sweatshirt and put his shirt on the puppy who was very cold. He did it spontaneously. It was very moving.” Said Fernando

Yep, Felipe took the shirt off his own back to help the poor pup and as if he couldn’t get any sweeter, it turns out that shirt wasn’t just any old shirt, but his favorite.

However, he didn’t seem to mind, having joked that the shirt ‘looks better’ on the dog anyway.

Fernando, in awe of the size of his brothers’ heart, posted the video of their interaction on Facebook with the caption “I rarely post anything to my feed but, it deserves to be shared.” Said Felipe

The video soon went viral on social media platforms with many praising Felipe for stepping in to help the pup in need.

Unable to shake the thought of the adorable stray the two search for the pup on their way back from their trip.

They had decided to take him home but was unfortunately unable to find him.

Felipe admits to regretting not being able to do more for the sweet stray, however, if you ask us, he did just enough!

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You can watch the heartwarming video down below: