Quick-Thinking Police Officer Uses Kayak To Save Dog From Drowning In Muddy Pond

When Washington Township officers received a call about a dog in serious distress, struggling to swim in a nearby pond, they immediately jumped into action — doing everything they could to save her.

Akela is a sweet pup who recently found herself in a difficult situation. The Boxer Mastiff mix was out and about when she narrowly avoided being struck by a car. After making an escape she fled in a confused state only to end up becoming submerged in a pond and struggling to keep afloat.

The accident-prone pooch didn’t seem to have any owners in sight, she made several attempts to swim to shore but could not get out of the muddy waters. With nothing else left to do, Akela had to tread water and hope that someone would come to her aid.


Thankfully, help soon arrived. A local resident had spotted Akela avoid getting hit by the car only to find herself stuck in the pond. She quickly called for the help of the Washington Township Police Department, who quickly arrived at the scene.

Although Akela was able to swim, the poor pup had become entangled in all of the weeds and plants at the bottom of the pond, forcing her to tread water in the same position.

“The poor thing must have been treading water for a while and not going anywhere,” said police Lt. John Kaufmann.

The officers knew that they didn’t have much time left to save the pooch. She was clearly exhausted, and every so often her head became submerged underwater.


Quick-thinking officer, John Kuligowski, managed to borrow a kayak from a nearby individual in the neighborhood and used it to begin the rescue mission. Kuligowski paddled up to Akela and then, after trying and failing to get her into the kayak, settled for getting Akela unstuck and leading her back to shore.

An onlooker captured the whole rescue on camera, and the police department proudly shared the video so that we can watch the awesome moment that the dog’s life is saved.


Once the kayak reaches the shore, Chief Thomas Cicerelle and Officer Dallas Overko both help to pull the pair to safety. They tied a ball to the end of a leash before throwing it out to Officer Kuligowski.

Once he grabbed it, they pulled on their leash and pulled the kayak to the shore.


Thankfully, Akela was right as rain after her ordeal, and appeared to be ‘in high spirits’. She was clearly grateful for the officers who had just saved her life!

Watch Officer Kuligowski in action below: