Senior Dog Who Was Left To Hang Her Head In Despair After Being Abandoned Is Saved By Rescuers

No one will ever think as highly of us as our dogs. To them, we are absolutely everything. Their love for us is truly an unconditional kind of love. While most of us would never dream of abusing that special bond we share with our dogs, there are many who simply don’t care enough. Resulting in some owners neglecting and treating their dogs like trash.

Sadly, this was the case for an unfortunate pooch in Nikolaevka, Bulgaria, who was cruelly abandoned by her when she needed them the most.

Athena, a senior dog, was spotted as she hung her head in shame, left feeling completely worthless.

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Athena is a sweet and affectionate senior dog who’d spent most of her life with her so-called ‘family’. They were the only life she knew.  She loved her family dearly and thought they loved her just as much. However, one fateful day, she discovered just how little they valued her love and her life.

When her family moved away they’d decided that Athena was too old to come with them

Paws 4 Hope

After being a faithful companion to her family for many years, Athena had grown into a senior dog and was looking forward to enjoying her golden years the same way she’d been enjoying her youth: by looking after her family. However, when Athena’s family decided to move house, they chose not to bring Athena with them. She was too old for them, and so, they abdonder her.

She was all alone, and to make matters worse, they had left her with a heavy chain around her neck. She sat by the side of the road, hanging her head, staring at the passing cars, and looking completely inconsolable.

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Luckily, word of the helpless senior dog eventually reached the ear of Laurica Nagel, a local dog rescue volunteer. Nagel rushed to rescue the poor pup and found her sitting by the side of the road with her head hanging low and her eyes filled with sadness and worry.

Nagel discovered that Athena had managed to survive on scraps, provided by compassionate truckers, but the poor senior was weak, malnourished, absolutely covered in fleas and ticks, and had lost her sight in one eye. That’s when he rushed Athena to a rescue centre where she received the care she needed. She was washed, fed, and given some vaccinations.

But though her physical status was improving, the shelter staff were worried that they wouldn’t be able to find her a forever home.

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Senior dogs have a relatively difficult time finding new homes, as people have less interest in older dogs. But for Athena, her luck was about to change. A family spotted her on social media and knew immediately that she was meant to be part of their family.

They were so proud of her for being a fighter and surviving all the hardships life had put her through and promised to make her remaining years the best.

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Now, Athena has been living with her family for several months, and she’s happier than she’s ever been.

She has finally found a family who truly cares for her and will make sure that the rest of her life will be happy and filled with love.

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You can watch her story below:

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